As one of the important folk veterinary medicines in China, traditional Tibetan veterinary medicine (TTVM) has the special veterinary theory, which was integrated Chinese, India, Nepal and other regions veterinary theory, and was created and formed in the struggle with animal`s diseases. It is a centuries-old traditional medical system based on the beliefs and practices of Tibetan culture, and originated from 2300 years ago. Before 8 century, Tibetan medicinal knowledge was obtained from practical experience, an...[more]


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Saussurea medusa Maxim.

Saussurea medusa Maxim. is a plant source of the traditional medicine known as snow lotus which has been recorded in many ethnopharmacy books, including: Herbal Communications, Flora Tibet, National Herbal Compendium, and Crystal beads Mate[more]

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History of TTVM

Before 8 century, Tibetan medicinal knowledge was obtained from practical experience, and transmitted orally from generation to generation. Following with these ...[more]


The theory

The theory contains Five elements and Three essences. Five elements was explained as the five different elements of the nature world, including Earth (Tu), Water...[more]

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Yutuo Yuandan Gongbu... [more]

Ni Ma... [more]

Current Study

Current Study

Along with the development of natural products and the appearance of 3R induced by the overuse of chemical drugs, traditional Tibetan veterinary medicines has be... [more]



    Unique processing method and technology of TTVM were also very particular. Some simple distillation equipment, ... [more]

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It is widely applied in veterinary clinic by local people...[more]

It is used to treat the dental disease of animal...[more]

Diagnostic Technology

Includes Auscultation-olfaction diagnosis, Inspection di...[more]


Traditional Tibetan veterinary medicine (TTVM) has the s...[more]

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